10/ 03 /21 

This week was a massive improvement from last week as we had made changes to improve our shows.


Audio branding.

The audio branding would be kept the same throughout other weeks as we want to stay on brand. The only ident that would be changed is our slogan  “celebrating x week.”  this week was entertainment week and I wanted to create an ident that represents entertainment week. In our shows, we will be talking about gaming, film, and TV. I thought this would be appropriate to create two idents this week. One ident for celebrating entertainment week included classic gaming SFX, also I wanted to create the idea of someone a  playing video game. if you listen closely, you can hear someone tapping away at a controller. The second ident was meant to be a filming projector. The sound to represent film and television was difficult, as it is very versatile. The first thing that came to mind was a vintage projector.


This week I also provided beds to be used in chatz and the Y2K time machine podcast.



This week I was given the duty of changing and rewording some articles from entertainment week and fashion week. There was a total of 6 articles that needed to be changed. 



For the podcast, we had to ask questions about why our subject was important to the y2k years. I gathered two vox pops from this week. I gathered two this week one vox pop was about the film clueless and the other vox pop was about gaming. The listener chose a game called Shrek super party for what y2k means to them. This worked well as our interviewer spoke about underrated games and film.


Poala and I wrote a script and bullet points on what we were going to say in the podcast. 


This week we decide on what the win and sins were based on what the listeners suggested and the Janine and the listeners suggested.  

Website package 

This week it was my turn to record the website package. Andrea and I wrote the script for this week as a website package. Our aim was to include everything that was on the website such as the podcast page, articles, quizzes, and playbacks from 5V5 and Chatz. Once the script was done Andrea edited the website package for this week. I had help in providing SFX for the website package. 

Next week changes…

  • Split Janines 
  • Do some research for the podcast 
  • Gather some vox pops 
  • Make changes to articles. 
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