Yeliz Sonat

In week four we had a chance to rehearse our script in the radio studio. It helped us to get ideas of how and where specific scenes should be recorded. We explored what sounds best where. We divided scenes into sections based on what worked well where. For instance, we’ve decided to record Molly’s internal monologues in the booth as it gives an intimate feeling and emphasizes her struggles inside her head. Another decision was made to record the normal conversions in the stereo so it sounds natural and highlights the fact that it’s the daily life. We have also decided to use flats for recording texts and voicemails. Additionally, as a group, we went through the whole script, numbered the dialogues, added some new lines and I’ve edited the script according to our group’s mutual decisions. Furthermore, I have liaised with the writer Chloe Harris about the changes on the script, making sure she’s informed about the editing I have done as well as seeking her approval. Her reply was positive and I shared the good news with the team. Moreover, we have created a time schedule for each scene which will aim to prevent any confusion on the day of shooting our audio drama. We divided scenes into sections depending on where they will be recorded in order to have a clear structure.

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