Yeliz Sonat

In our recording day as a group, we met in the morning to go through everything before we record our audio drama in order to prevent any errors. We printed off the scripts and schedules. We have done a read through with the actors before the actual recording took place to be able to get an idea of how they will sound and if there’s anything to discuss as a group. My role for today was to stay in the studio and be a bridge between the actors and our director Iona which required my help for actors to communicate with our director. I signalled to the actors when they couldn’t see our actors, queued them in when it was necessary. Arranged the scene props such as table, chairs and moving flats. I have also bought water for the actors to make sure they stay hydrated. Furthermore, I have participated in the audio drama as a background noise for a party scene which was a fun and exciting experience. Overall, it was a great experience for me to get involved and communicate with the actors as well as helping our director.

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